"dou mas é para gastar com juízo" (II)

[Sobre a reunião de luxo em Las Vegas de 12 dias que a Wells Fargo iria fazer].

My colleague asks if this trip would, in the grand scheme of things, really have been such a bad thing for the economy: After all, if Wells Fargo employees went on their trip, the hotels hosting them would get money. Wells Fargo employees might have tipped their chambermaids and bellboys. They might have even bought souvenirs, or tickets to “Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On.” Every dollar Wells Fargo and its employees would have spent would have gone to somebody else, who would then have turned around and spent some part of that money somewhere else. In other words, junkets (or as a Wells Fargo statement pointedly calls them, “four-day business meetings”) can jumpstart a chain reaction of economic activity.
(NY Times, hoje)

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