Imposto Sobre o Lucro Virtual

JUNEAU -- The state is planning to sue BP over "several hundred million dollars" in oil taxes and royalties lost because of pipeline leaks and shutdowns in the giant Prudhoe Bay field, state lawyers have told lawmakers. The problems that erupted during 2006 in Prudhoe, the nation's largest oil field, rocked world oil markets and led to intense congressional and legal scrutiny for BP, which runs the North Slope field on behalf of itself and other owner companies.

(...) The state wants compensation for the "several hundred million dollars" of oil tax and royalty revenue that should have flowed into state coffers during 2006 as well as 2007, the memo says. (...) BP's "failings" in not properly maintaining its pipelines reduced production by millions of barrels of oil in 2006 and the following year, state lawyers say.

Anchorage Daily News
Aqui vai uma proposta para o nosso ministro das finanças aumentar a colecta fiscal. Os consultores governamentais vão às empresas aferir o lucro virtual, e a empresa terá a tarefa de lucrar de acordo com as expectativas. Caso contrário pagarão o imposto à mesma. É uma boa forma de aumentar o número de funcionários públicos. As empresas mais teimosas terão direito a gestores governamentais residentes. Uns gestores não executivos como tantos há por aí nas empresas cotadas no PSI20.

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