Southpark ep.50 - Cartman's Silly Hate Crime

Oh, uhyeah. Hello, Mr. Governor, and
thank you for taking the time to hear
our presentation on hate-crime laws,
entitled, "Hate Crime Laws: A Savage
Hypocracy." Yes, over the past few
years our great country has been developing
new hate crime laws.

If somebody kills somebody, it's a
crime. But if someone kills somebody
of a different color, it's a hate crime.

And we think that that is a savage
hypocracy, because all crimes are hate
crimes. If a man beats another man because
that man was sleeping with his wife,
is that not a hate crime?

If a person vandalizes a government
building, is it not because of his hate
for the government?

And motivation for a crime shouldn't
affect the sentencing.

Mayor, it is time to stop splitting
people into groups. All hate crimes
do is support the idea that blacks are
different from whites, that homosexuals
need to be treated differently from
non-homos, that we aren't the same.

But instead, we should all be treated
the same, with the same laws and the
same punishments for the same crimes.

For in that way Cartman can be freed
from prison, and we will have a chance
to win the sledding race on Thursday.

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